Lithium Ion v.s. Lead Acid – weight comparison


Battery on the left (18.8 kg) was my regular 77 Ah starter battery from my daily driving Jaguar STR. Battery on the right (3.3 kg) is our early prototype 20 Ah lightweight starter battery, housed into regular battery shell. It’s installed now into my car and in daily use. Cranks at -15C, like we recently had early morning.

So, our lightweight battery is 5.7 times lighter than old lead acid lump!

You can’t compare Li-Ion AH capacity directly to lead-acid AH, because Li-Ion capasity is usable on full, but lead-acid battery voltage drops below acceptable midway. We develop also 40 AH Lithium starter battery, which is about 5.3 Kg.

Bottom line is, that replacing traditional lead acid battery to Lite Plus lithium ion battery drops 10-15 kg mass off the scale. We think that it’s a good idea.